Finding Your Purpose

How to find who you are and your purpose in life and what path you should follow.

Find Your Purpose-Enroll Now
Do you ever wonder what your true purpose is in life?

Maybe you've been stuck in the same job for years and it's not making you happy.

Perhaps your children have grown and you're an empty nester wondering what's next.

It could be that you've just retired but still have plenty to give to the world and thinking about volunteer work.

Maybe you're entering college and no idea what major to take.

These are all crossroads we face during our lifetime and finding who we are and our purpose to sometimes a struggle.

In this ten lesson class you'll learn

What questions to ask
How to delve deep into your mind for answers
How to find purpose from yourself and others
How you can help others find their purpose
What role volunteering plays in finding our joy.

The lessons have both print and audio formats.

So enroll now and be on your way to finding your purpose.

Intended Audience: Everyone., people looking for a new direction in life or in their career, entrepreneurs, people seeking self help improvement

Course Curriculum

Lesson One-Pay Attention to Daydreams
Lesson Two-Changes
Lesson Three-How To Pursue a Career Change
Lesson Four-Questions To Ask
Lesson Five-What Questions Do People Ask You?
Lesson Six-Obstacles Can Help Define Your Purpose
Lesson Seven-Will Your Purpose Turn Mundane?
Lesson Eight-The Purpose of Others Can Help Define Your Purpose
Lesson Nine-Your Purpose Could Be Helping Others Find Their Purpose
Lesson Ten-How Volunteering Can Help Find Your Purpose

Susan Palmquist