Motivation Magic

Getting and staying motivated so you can achieve all your life goals.

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Getting motivated and staying motivation are the keys to achieving your goals...and your dreams too.

In this ten lesson course, you'll learn

Strategies for staying motivation
How to use science to stay the course
How habits can effect your success or failure
How to stay away from negativity
How to avoid burnout

Each lesson is in both print and audio formats.

Get motivated, stay motivated by enrolling in this course now.
Intended Audience: everyone, people needing to get and stay motivated. people looking to reach their goals, entrepreneurs, new business owners

Course Curriculum

Lesson One-Creating Habits
Lesson Two-Easy Ways to Stay Motivated
Lesson Three-What Science Tells Us
Lesson Four-No Burn Out
Lesson Five-Staying Motivated No Matter What
Lesson Six-Five Things You Must Do to Stay Motivated
Lesson Seven-The Twelve Strategies
Lesson Eight-Five Ways to Stay matter what
Lesson Nine-Using Visualization To Achieve Your Goals
Lesson Ten-Tips From Motivated People

Susan Palmquist